Here you will find all IAHD (educational) materials and the IAHD library.

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  • Promotion

    Here you will find all promotion materials of IAHD such as flags, clothing, etc.

  • Primary courses

    The IAHD Primary Courses are designed for trainees who have little or no experience of the underwater world.

    Each course is adapted to suit the knowledge requirements and the physical and mental capabilities of the trainee.

  • Partner courses

    The partner courses of IAHD are designed to seamlessly connect to other IAHD courses. Each partner program expands on a specific topic which gives you fun and increases your qualifications during the dives.

  • Recr. specialties

    The recreational specialty programs of IAHD are developed to gain more advanced understanding in a specific diving activity.

    During a recreational specialty program normal compressed air is used as a breathing gas and a direct ascent to the surface is always possible.

  • Instructor courses

    The Instructor courses of IAHD are developed for the diver who wants to share his or her knowledge and skills of diving to novice and experienced divers.

    Each course is specially adapted to transfer a specific level of knowledge and skills.