Instructor Courses

The instructor programs of WOSD are developed to gain more understanding in teaching a specific diving activity.

The main purpose of the courses in this group is to learn the dive theory and practical skills, which are necessary to train other divers in a safe and responsible manner.

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  • Dive Leader (W_DL3)

    The WOSD 'Dive Leader' course is the first 'professional' certification in the WOSD range of courses. Following completion of this course, a WOSD 'Dive Leader' may assist an instructor during courses and may also independently train and certify snorkel divers. In addition a 'Dive Leader' may conduct supervised dives for 'Supervised Divers' and higher.

    Therefore this course focuses primarily on management, didactic skills and control during (diver) training. The trainee is also taught how to run snorkel courses and how to supervise certified divers. A WOSD 'Dive Leader' is a professional who is invaluable throughout the world.

  • Instructor Level 2...

    The WOSD ' instructor level 2 ' course has been developed to give the candidate instructor knowledge and experience that he or she needs to train in a safe and relaxing way divers in all primary courses with regard to the theoretical part, the swimming pool/confined water part and the open water part.