Recr. specialties

The recreational specialty programs of WOSD are developed to gain more advanced understanding in a specific diving activity.

During a recreational specialty program normal compressed air is used as a breathing gas and a direct ascent to the surface is always possible.

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  • Master Scuba Diver (MSD)

    WOSD Master Scuba Diver is the highest non-professional level of WOSD certification that a diver can achieve.

    WOSD Master Scuba Diver is not a course in itself, but is a process in which a high level of knowledge and experience are combined.

  • Advanced Diver (W_ADV)

    The WOSD specialty course 'Advanced diver' has been developed to give divers additional knowledge in the possibilities of diving. For example, you will learn more about buoyancy, about navigation, you will make a night dive and you will learn to work with a delayed surface marker buoy.

  • Dry Suit Diver (W_DRY)

    The WOSD 'Dry suit diver' specialty course is developed to learn divers what types of dry suits there are, what the pros and cons of each type dry suit is and what additional components there are for a dry suit. During the practical sessions they learn how diving emergencies, which may arise with a dry suit, can be prevented and possibly solved.

  • Equipment Specialist...

    The WOSD “Equipment Specialist” specialty course is developed to provide divers with extensive knowledge regarding the functioning of both mechanical and electronic dive equipment. This knowledge enables the diver to judge whether and why, items of equipment are (still) safe to use.

    In addition, the trainee will also learn how to make minor repairs to the equipment.

  • Lionfish Awareness &...

    The WOSD ‘Lionfish Awareness & Elimination Diver’ course you will learn a safe and effective way how to eliminate the Lionfish from area’s that are allowed by law

  • Multi-level Deep Diver...

    The WOSD 'Multi-level deep diver' specialty course is developed to provide divers techniques to extend the 'no-decompression time' of a dive between 20 and 40 metres by using "multi-level diving techniques".

  • UW Navigator (W_NAV)

    The WOSD specialty course 'Underwater Navigator' is developed to provide divers techniques on how to navigate, easily and safely, using both natural objects and compass techniques.

  • Night Diver (W_NIGHT)

    The WOSD 'Night Diver' specialty course is developed to provide divers the techniques required to enable to enjoy diving long after the sun has set, in a safe and easy manner as well as the techniques for diving in reduced visibility.