Primary courses

WOSD primary courses are developed for the student who has no experience with the underwater world.

The main purpose of the courses in this group is to gain a basic understanding of the dive theory and practical skills, which are essential for safe and responsible diving.

Primary courses There are no products in this category.


  • Snorkel Diver (SNOR)

    The WOSD “Snorkel diver” course is designed for people who want to enjoy the underwater world, but do not want to use scuba equipment.

  • Scuba dive...

    The WOSD 'Scuba Diving introduction' is for everyone who want to experience what it's like to breathe underwater, but don't feel like following a complete training.

  • MiniDiveSet user (MDS)

    The "MiniDiveSet®" and the "MiniDiveSet®" User course has been developed especially for boat owners and crew, enabling them to inspect their boat and to perform minor repairs underwater, eliminating the need to hire specialists for this purpose.

  • Supervised diver (DL1)

    The WOSD course 'Supervised Diver' is perfect for people who want to learn to dive but do not want to explore the underwater world independently.

  • Autonomous Diver (DL2)

    The WOSD 'Autonomous Diver' course is a complete diver training course, ideal for those wishing to explore the underwater world independently.